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legends of freestyle

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Welcome to our web site!
say wooooo, woooooooooooo,say wooooooooo woooooo,wooooooooo,woooooooo say eat my goal,eat my goal.

Running a business is never easy, but building an effective web site can often make a huge difference in increasing freestyle, the quality,and the number.

We'll use this site to provide the fun and important essentials for freestyle football our business, explain the goods of our services we have to offer. our home page will highlight the key facts and important features of both andrew henderson and josh odwyer. We'll think of the home page as a kind of portal, giving customers the satifation and information they want at a glance!

thank you everyone for support and for joining the forum,(if youve not yet joined the forum plz do, for pure benifit.) 
respect to all freestyers

legendsoffreestyle (lof) would love it if you could join our forum,and get your mates to do it to.

kea school,(andrew hendersons primary) "this was me 4 years ago wth my school football team.)the memories lol.
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

plz * call us* andrew henderson 01872 240369* Uk* josh odwyer 01872 870230